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Our Pralines & Truffles

Our Pralines

Our handcrafted Belgian Pralines represent the pinnacle of Belgian chocolate-making. The word “praline” traditionally means a filling of caramelized hazelnuts or almonds.  We have expanded the concept and wrap our velvety chocolate around a variety of unique fillings, to surprise, delight and satisfy our customers.

Our Pralines & Truffles are available in Ballotins.

Our Truffles

Our Truffle collection is lovingly and painstakingly hand-crafted. The chocolate shells of the truffles contain a rich variety of fresh, mouth-watering centers, including traditionally-made chocolate ganache.  The shells are then finished with one or more of many different coatings to provide that extra touch of flavor.

Our Pralines & Truffles are also available in Gift Boxes.