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We offer only the highest quality products with passion and authenticity. We stay true to the Belgian spirit by importing the finest raw materials directly from Belgium.

Pralines & Truffles

Gift Box 15pcs

Our handcrafted Belgian Pralines and Truffles represent the pinnacle of Belgian chocolate-making.


Origin Tablets - Full range

Our tablets represent one of the purest expressions of the Belgian chocolate-maker’s art that our customers can experience.

Nut & Fruit

Caramelized Mix

We offer our nut and fruit collection of chocolates to provide our fine Belgian chocolate experience in smaller-sized portions.



We offer tasty and feather-light macarons made in the old European confectionary tradition.


Mr Bear Mix

Delightful gifts and treats for the young, discerning chocolate lovers.

Pastry & Dessert

Soft Cookies

Our pastries and desserts are freshly-made creations that feature our quality chocolate combined with other well-loved ingredients into delicious works of art.

Cooking Chocolate

Cooking Chocolate - Mix

Enrich your desserts with a new intensity thanks to our cooking chocolate.

House Beverages

Discover our range of hot and cold beverages, available exclusively in our boutiques.


Discover our range of seasonal products for all occasions.

Homemade Jam

Orange & Passion Fruit Jam

Start the day with a few pieces of smooth toast with one of our delicious homemade fruit jams.